Frequently Asked Questions

Because each child is so different, each studio session is different. Parents have all sorts of questions to put their minds at ease, so let's jump in!

How long is the session?


My time slots are based on how many kids are included in the session. See my package listings to find out how much time we need for your session. I also allot for extra time in case of a few tears or shyness.

My child won't sit still!


This is a common problem but I have many solutions to making sure we still get amazing photos. Please be sure to voice this issue with me before you book and I can walk you through some ideas.

My child is very shy...


"Can you still get great photos?" YES. I have some major tricks up my sleeve for the shy kids. Moms of shy children are always shocked by the incredible photos I capture. I've worked with kids professionally for 12 years so I always an make them laugh.


When will I get my edited photos back?

In less than a week after your session! When I'm working with a photographer and I'm the client, I want my photos back asap! So I don't want to keep my own clients waiting long.

How will I get my photos?

You will get an email with a link to your photo gallery!

Can we do any outfit changes?

I always advise against this. Focus on one outfit that you love that fits the child well. Sometimes switching into a new outfit can make children feel anxious and then they re more difficult to photograph. BUT I always encourage people to bring a princess crown, favorite sports team hat or something simple like that to add to a few photos.

Do I get to use the light and dark backdrop?

You get to pick just one of my backdrops of the session. Each has a very different look and works well with different types out outfits. When deciding, browse through my galleries and see which you're more drawn to.

Where is the studio located?

In Orem, Utah.